Creating Life Stories that Bridge Life & Learning: An Inter-Disciplinary & Multi-Sensory Approach (Workshop on April 14, 2007)

“Have deep admiration for the speakers’ commitments, dedication to her son.”
“By using her own life experience, the presentations were more convincing.”

Creating a Home-based Programme for your Child with Autism (Workshop on Nov 26, 2006)

“Speaker is very very excellent. Please invite her again and please do inform me again”
“Overall very good experience.”
“Good presentation and is very practical with good examples and illustrations. Thank you very much.”

Autism Workshop for Teachers at Bukit Timah Primary School (Jan 30, 2008)

“An eye-opening workshop”
“An informative presentation for teachers”
“…strongly feel it’s great for teachers and people with no ASD awareness knowledge.”

Language Learning Strategies for Emerging Readers/Writers with Autism and/or Language Processing Difficulties (Workshop on Mar 15, 2008)

“Learning about her experience and how she has developed something that works for her and children”
“Practical ways to introduce language”
“Examples/samples of resources used/useful – using velcro materials”
“Instructor was animated and interesting.”
“Step-by-step approach/strategies for pupils with language process difficulties”
“Her sharing of her experiences – gave me lots of ideas for my own students. Allow us to work on/look at her materials – Great.”
“Interesting and helpful.”
“Her successful story about how she taught her ASD son, should be shared among other parents who do not believe in using visual prompts with their ASD children”
“A deeper insight on how to reach out to children with special needs, enabling them to learn just like the rest (normal kids) but using more explicit/process oriented teaching/learning approaches.”
“Very useful workshop. Can bring back ideas to use in a special needs class & environment.”

‘Words, Pictures, Story!’ (WPS!): Writing My First Story’ (Workshop at Qihua Primary School on Jan 15, 2009)

“Interesting workshop. Gave me ideas on how to start.”
“V. informative & clear.”
“Speaker is very engaging & open to ideas.”
“Good speaker/participant interactions.”
“Good mix of lecture style & hands-on. Thank you for the fruitful session.”
“Trainer is lively and got the teachers well-engaged in the training.”

Words, Pictures, Story! Writing My First Story (Workshop on Mar 7, 2009)

“She was very articulate and warm. Her English was excellent.”
“Lots of hands-on activities to practise on concepts learnt”
“Taking what I have learnt into classroom teaching”
“Some interesting ideas / activities suggested”
“The workshop was good, relevant & provides an alternative way to get pupils engaged”
“Good hands-on experience”
“It was an excellent workshop and the trainer is very effective. It is always a gain to be trained by experts who are so great to enrich & share. It really comes with the experience.”
“A very insightful workshop. I learnt a whole new concept within a few hours.”
“Good introductory level to teach English”
“It helps a young kid jumpstart the writing process & overcome phobia of writing”
“A fresh & interesting way of learning”