Praise for Five Little White Pills… And Then There Were None

"Kah Ying’s book about her remarkable journey through the tumultuous highs and lows of manic depression is a book that deserves to be read… She provides clear unflinching insight into the despairing depths of depression and the exuberance of the manic state.

Her narrative of her personal experiences, especially her description of how she turned to medication to stabilize her life because of her autistic son Sebastien, is poignant and heartfelt with not an iota of self-pity or cloying sentimentality to detract from the significance of her useful advice to fellow sufferers and their caregivers.

She writes honestly, movingly, and intelligently as she takes stock of her life and her multiply-informed place as someone who used to suffer from manic depression, as the mother of an autistic child, and as someone with an acute social conscience.

This book is a fine testimony to Kah Ying’s courage in using the example of her life as the means to helping others and challenging society to think differently about mental illness."

--Angelia Poon, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education

"Kah Ying poignantly bares her soul to share her misery and subsequent triumph over manic depression. She exposes the shortcomings of the US medical insurance system, provides spiritual insight into care giving, and gives hope for sufferers of this dreadful condition to overcome stigma and return to the path of personal growth to attain splintered beauty, through strength of will. Clearly, the book sends powerful message for patients, carers, professionals and healthcare administrators alike."

--Dr Wong Meng Kong, a psychiatrist

"I remember Kah Ying as a brilliant and altruistic university student, when she suddenly fell into a very dark place. Her account of what happened next is one of the most gripping stories I have read. This is a book at once harrowing and inspirational; an unflinching work of introspection with a message of hope. It should be compulsory reading for anyone seeking to understand manic depression."

--Dr. Michael Sturma, Associate Professor of History

"Absolutely insightful, touching and inspiring. Kudos to Kah Ying for shedding light with her personal journey, a reminder to all of us that life is very much about taking those leaps of faith.."

-– Rachel Ng, Founder & CEO, Lifestream Group

"Your chapters describing your thougths, feelings and behaviors during both manic and depressed episodes painted a vivid picture of what you had experienced… Your detailed account of your decision to discontinue taking medication and preparation for weaning yourself off them can be helpful to others who may be facing this same option. You provide valuable insight into the necessity of having a trusted support system, plan and monitoring of moods and behavior. I believe readers will find your story interesting, educational and a source of inspiration for those who have ever felt disenfranchised."

-- Lori Selwyn Smith, LCSW

Dear Kah Ying,

I bought your book about a month ago. I read it cover to cover. I am a lawyer helping clients of mine with mental health issues.

I am truly amazed at your indomitable spirit and your writing style. You have a talent to capture the moment so well and your gut wrenching honesty is so refreshing.
I wish you continued success. You are a testament to how one can overcome.


-- Manoj Nandwani
Gabriel Law Corporation
Advocates and Solicitors

Dear Kah Ying

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story at the Singapore Writers' Festival last Sunday. Unfortunately I was not able to stay afterwards to speak with you but I was very touched by hearing your experience of manic depression.

You are a real inspiration and I wish you every success with your new book.
Kind regards

-- H.Sullivan

Praise for Raising Sebastien

"I've just finished reading your book "Raising Sebastien". It is very insightful. And above all, it touches my heart from a mum with an ASD child to another mum with an ASD child. Many of your sharing, I can identify with them as I am going through them now."

-- J. Ng

Just bought Raising Sebastien last night and read it in one go. So touching and inspiring!

-- P. Sharma

I am a parent of a 6 year old autistic child. I have read your book, "Raising Sebastien: Realising the potential of your autistic child" and I shared some of your feelings and thoughts as I have gone through the same experience. Your suggestions are very practical and I am currently using some approaches now.

-- Kim