Sebastien, my son with moderate autism, has been donating 30% of the sales of his paintings to raise funds for the “A Mother’s Wish” Fund. A key activity covered by the fund is the 50% subsidy extended to families of individuals with moderate to severe autism for their participation in “A Mother’s Wish” holiday programmes.

Prices for these affordable paintings vary from $100 to $800, and the sizes from 9"x12" to A1 size.

To view the paintings, please click on the names of the portfolios (Petits Tableaux, Colours etc.) below.

If you are interested to purchase any of the paintings, please contact Kah Ying via email

Newly Released 2015
Newly Released 2016 (1)
Newly Released 2016 (2)
Nature Series
Colours, Textures,
Temperatures Series
Humanity Series
Sold Not for sale

A Win-Win Fundraising Proposition

Sebastien is a prolific producer of his water color paintings. We would like to invite you to make use of Sebastien’s artworks to raise funds for the social enterprise, social cause, or the charity you want to support.

In an auction scenario, when bidders pay above AMW’s sales price for Sebastien’s art work, the additional amount will go towards the enterprise/social cause/charity.