Our Philosophy

Let's Open Our Hearts and Transform Our Minds!

People with special needs and mental illnesses (heretoforth referred to as "special people") are often erroneously perceived as "lesser people" in mainstream society. Based on this perception, caregivers, professionals and the general public adopt an attitude of superiority in efforts to help special people. In this limiting conception of helping, they believe that special people should strive towards "normalcy" like the rest of mainstream society.

Why is this conception limiting our growth and self-development?

  1. We remain imprisoned within the confines of our "typical" mindsets without opening ourselves to other ways of thinking and feeling.
  2. We close ourselves to the unique perspectives, insights and talents of special people who are "gifted" in ways that we do not seek to understand.
  3. We lose the opportunity to 'stretch' ourselves to our full potential by rejecting the creative challenge of connecting with special people.

At AWAKENING MINDS©, we believe that:

  1. Special people are blessed with perspectives, insights and talents, which can help us to think outside the box.
  2. When we make the efforts to genuinely reach out to special people, we are challenged to become better people.
  3. We have as much to learn from special people as they do from us.
  4. The sharp divide between "typical people" and "special people" is an arbitrary social construct.

In truth, there is only one spectrum of humanity:

Each of us is unique and different, no better nor worse!