Our Objectives


  1. To offer rich and refreshing perspectives of children and adolescents with special needs and special education;
  2. To forge bridges of communication between special children and adolescents and their caregivers, based on openness and mutual respect; and
  3. To provide inspiration for the development and implementation of effective teaching/learning and communication strategies.

Mental Wellness

For Ourselves

  1. To discover our own uniqueness and realise our potential;
  2. To create and maintain an optimum lifestyle that will enable us to thrive; and
  3. To hold onto our sense of joy in the face of life's challenges.

For Others

  1. To overturn stereotypes that cause fear and stigmatisation of people with special needs and mental illnesses
  2. To celebrate difference and diversity in our society;
  3. To truly see special people with renewed eyes and value their existence in our midst; and
  4. To learn from them, as we teach them, in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect.