The AMW Holiday Programme, Dec 16–20, 2013

Duration. 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. [approx. 2 hours programming & up to 1.5 hours back-and-forth commuting]

Starting & Ending Point. Ang Mo Kio Hub Taxi Stand (Mon­–Thurs, Friday: to be decided.)


Monday: Academic Learning: Literacy & Vocational Learning
Caregiver Service Provider: Ms. Choo Kah Ying
Venue: Flat in Ang Mo Kio (commute by bus)

In this introductory reading and writing activity (“About Me” and “What I Like to Eat”), which is interspersed with cutting and gluing, end-users will introduce themselves and write about their favourite foods. The interactive writing templates will be customised to each end-user’s literacy level.*

For the end-users who have completed their academic learning activity, they will have the opportunity to be part of a “work team” to create a professional literacy learning package to help special needs learners to learn how to spell and read. It will consist of: laminated alphabets, laminated mats, and laminated pictures. This is a product that we hope to be able to manufacture and sell to caregivers and educators of individuals with special needs.

* Please read the “Screening” section.

Tuesday: Creative Arts: Art
Professional Service Provider: Ms. Koo Ching Keaw
Venue: Flat in Ang Mo Kio (commute by bus)

For this art activity, end-users will be introduced to a form of art known as “Collage”. Through the exploration of shapes, colours, and images, end-users will create a piece of artwork. End-users will practise different levels of basic tabletop skills such as colour sorting and line drawings, along with fine-motor skills such as tearing and pasting. The activity will be customised in accordance with each end-user’s ability.

Wednesday: Fitness: Functional Training
Professional Service Provider: Coach Sandy Snakenberg
Venue: Gym near MacPherson MRT station (commute by MRT)

End-users will experience diverse functional training exercises — the performance of a wide range of movements that mimic the natural movements of life. These fun activities, involving the use of weighted balls and cable devices (such as pulleys and still rings), will build strength, flexibility, and coordination. End-users will rotate between the activities that will be set up at different stations. Apart from performing the movements on a one-on-one basis, they will also interact with their peers in group activities such as ball-throwing. 

Thursday: Vocational Training: Cooking
Professional Service Provider: Ms. Kandy Lin
Venue: Flat in Ang Mo Kio (commute by bus)

End-users will participate in a delectable, hands-on experience of making their own pizzas in our cooking class. Apart from assembling their pizzas with the different combinations of toppings available, end-users will also have the opportunity to try their hand at making the dough from scratch.

Friday: Creative Arts: A Musical Experience
Professional Service Provider: Carol Pung & Lisa Ong
Venue: Turf City (Commute by bus)

End-users will be immersed in a total musical experience in which they will be engaged in songs, movements, and the employment of simple musical instruments. The theme of this "performance" would be derived from the end-users' responses about themselves in the "Academic Learning" portion of the holiday programme.
Targeted End-Users


The screening process is as follows:

Cost and Subsidy