Talks and Workshops

My objective in creating AWAKENING MINDS© is to offer talks and workshops that are meaningful and relevant to the participants. The following topics I have created are meant to inspire, encourage, challenge and provide practical suggestions. However, each of the following topics can be customised and modified in terms of content and format to cater to the audience/participants.

They can either be modified for talks or workshops:

Talks (ranging from 1 to 2 hours) are ideal for a large audience more than 50, with opportunities for Q & A.

Workshops (ranging from 2 to 3 hours) for less than 50 participants offer opportunities for maximum participation from the participants with hands-on activities. Participants will have the chance to identify practical and effective strategies. They should leave with a game plan for incorporating these practices into their lives.

For Sufferers: Empowerment and Recovery


  • Rising Above the Odds: My Journey from Manic Depression to Recovery. A personal and inspirational sharing of my 15-year journey from the roller coaster years of manic depression to the stability of medication and eventual recovery.
  • The True Meaning of Recovery: On the Road towards Mental Wellness. An informative exploration of the recovery process from taking medication responsibly to leading a fulfilling medication-free life.
  • The Courage to Stand Up and Speak Out: Combating the Stigma of Mental Illness in Mainstream Society. A provocative exploration of the head-on confrontation with the stigmatisation of mental illness in society.
  • The Ultimate Cure: Finding Your Authentic Self and Achieving Mental Wellness. An intimate glimpse into the importance of living the life you are meant to live as a means to achieving mental wellness.


Each of the workshops focuses on specific components of the programme of recovery. This focus, with a strong interactive component, will enable participants to learn and practice strategies during the workshop in greater depth and detail.

  • Finding Your Authentic Self and Achieving Mental Wellness. Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery through journaling and revealing discussions, and connect with your authentic self. When you are leading a life that is true to your nature, there is no room for mental illness.
  • The Alternative Way to Physical and Mental Wellness: Healing Without Side Effects. Create your own health regimen that allows you to exercise your body and relax your mind in creative ways. Learn about reframing strategies, exercise (simple yoga and Taebo), alternative healing techniques such as acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu and conscious breathing. Design your own customised programme that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.
  • Writing and Dancing the Blues Away*. Seize the chance to learn about and apply my favourite strategies for keeping the blues away: writing and dancing (or moving to music). Be prepared to write, share, move and laugh!
  • * This workshop can be modified to movements/exercise if participants feel uncomfortable with dancing.

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For Caregivers: The Unsung Heroes

  • Caregiving, One Breath at a Time. The caregiving of a child with special needs, or individuals with mental illnesses, can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Conscious Breathing that takes up little time and effort offers a powerful tool for relaxing and recharging. In this workshop, participants will:

    • learn about the effectiveness of conscious breathing;
    • practise breathing techniques; and
    • identify ways of incorporating them into their caregiving lifestyle.
  • Caring with Sanity: A Workshop for Caregivers, the Unsung Heroes. With a strong support group component, this workshop is designed to provide caregivers with the opportunity to share their concerns and hopes. The latter half of the workshop will focus on: a) suggestions and ways for caregivers to care for their loved ones without succumbing to stress; and b) carving a space of peace for themselves.

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For Public/Schools

Apart from enlightening the public and the schools (adults and students) about mental wellness/illness, I also include talks/workshops as part of my preventive approach. Instead of addressing the mental and emotional needs of individuals when they have succumbed to mental duress, they identify measures and strategies for supporting healthy socio-emotional development.

Talks/Workshops for Educators, Parents and Students

  • Society’s Role in Combating Mental Illness!. A provocative talk to challenge society to play a positive role in dealing with the issue of mental illness and to identify ways for the public to contribute to building a society that genuinely embraces those who are different.
  • Pursuit of Mental Wellness and Finding Your Authentic Self. An intimate glimpse into the importance of living the life you are meant to live as a means to achieving mental wellness and preventing mental illness. It also challenges adults to examine their role in promoting or undermining the quest of the young people under their care.
  • Dealing with Depression for Yourself, Colleagues and Students: Insights, Strategies and Suggestions. Customised for teachers, this workshop provides an informative overview of depression. How teachers can cope with their own depression or help others such as colleagues and their students within the context of the school setting will also be addressed.

    In a workshop format, there will be diverse activities and opportunities for teachers to formulate specific ideas and apply them to their unique situations.

Youth Empowerment Series! Workshops for Secondary School Students

With this series, I hope to empower our future generations of young people to embrace their unique identities so that theyhave the courage, self-esteem, spirit and conviction to bring their dreams to fruition. When everyone is doing what they love, they will also be doing what they do best and we will have an incredible world.

  • On the Brink of Adulthood: Stressors and Strategies. Faced with the stressors of adjusting to adulthood, many youths experience their first episode of depression or manic-depression during their university years. What students as well as their caregivers can do to ease this challenging transition will be discussed.

    In a workshop format, students will have the opportunity to explore and identify their concerns. They will also be able to map out ideas and strategies to help them to ease their transition.

  • ALL NEW! Girl Power: I Love Being a Girl! Targeted at female students aged 14 and above, this workshop will explore the following topics in a series of dynamic and interactive writing exercises and creative activities: societal notions of womanhood and constraints; body image; girl pride; female role models; and their perceptions, desires and life projects.

ALL NEW! Parenting Talk/Workshop Series

I have formulated the following parenting workshops as a means of promoting mental wellness. When parents raise their children with the correct values and enable them to realise their true potential, they would have done their part in helping their children grow up to be well-adjusted adults with meaningful lives.

Please note that these workshops offer food for thought. I am open to creating a customised talk workshop to suit your preferred themes and audiences.

  • Developing a Positive Parenting Style.This workshop will address the following areas: a) forging a close relationship with one's children; b) developing alternative approaches of discipline; and c) spending quality time with one's spouse.
  • Connecting with Your Child through Effective Communication Strategies. Caregivers are challenged to reflect on their attitudes, explore various topics of interest and acquire the techniques of delivery, which will make their effective communicators.
  • Making Your Child Teachable. Caregivers learn how to manage the behaviour of their children at home and in public to increase their compliance and extinguish disruptive behaviour.
  • Reaching for the Stars! Motivating Your Child for Success. This talk/workshop provides insights into the nature of motivation and practical strategies for parents to cultivate their children's motivation in participating in constructive activities.
  • Treading on the Fine Line of Parenting Authority. In this talk/workshop, participants will learn how to manage their children's behaviour with consistency and discipline, without undermining their children's identity and independence.
  • Realising Your Child's Potential. Out of their concern, parents all too often compel their children to conform to their own expectations, without acknowledging that every individual is unique. In this talk/workshop, parents learn how they can play a supportive role in allowing their children to realise their unique gifts as individuals.

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Additional Information

As each workshop can be adapted to meet a designated time-frame, in accordance with the needs of the participants, the costs are negotiable.

In general, schools and other organisations will be charged a flat-rate per-session cost. They will be responsible for: providing the venue; making copies of the handouts; and providing AVA support.

In the case of workshops for sufferers and caregivers, I am looking for a minimum number of 6 participants to conduct a workshop; charges will be on a per-participant basis.

If the participants do not exceed 10 per session, I can provide the venue without additional costs within a comfortable home setting. I will provide the copies of the handouts and the AVA support.

If the venue needs to be rented, this will be added to the cost of the training per participant.

For further enquiry about these workshops, please contact us.

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