In addition to workshops, AWAKENING MINDSĀ© also offers consultations to provide targeted assistance to caregivers and educators in their respective settings. The objective is to empower caregivers and educators and optimise their ability to: work with specific learners with special needs; address behavioural issues; or enhance the collaboration between caregivers and schools.

For Caregivers

Home-based consultations are provided for caregivers of children with special needs, in particular autism. Depending on the specific concerns of caregivers, I will collaborate with them in devising a comprehensive and targeted programme that is customised to the needs of the child and the family concerned.

Areas that may be addressed include: learning challenges; creating a home learning programme; social interaction and communication strategies; and behavioural management.

For further enquiry about these consultations, please contact us.

For Educators

School-based consultations can be categorised under the following areas:

  1. Functional Behavioural Assessments for individual learners
  2. Classroom Management for the entire class
  3. Application of Words, Pictures, Story! (WPS!) Templates in the classroom.
  4. Facilitation of parent-school meetings

For further enquiry about these consultations, please contact us.