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Since I was a young child, I have always loved books. Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, I aspired to be a writer. Yet, in spite of producing copious amounts of writings, I never completed anything!

It was not until the entry of Sebastien, my son, into my life that I began to get my act together. During those early years, he gave me the motivation, the drive and the discipline to learn how to live. He is my Inspiration and my Muse behind my AWAKENING! I would not be alive today, if not for this boy. And certainly, these books would not have been written in the spirit of courage, faith and love, if not for his continuous presence in my life.

To me, each of these books about Sebastien and me is special because they are a bold assertion of the value of people with special needs (be it autism or manic depression, etc.) in the face of a world that tends to relegate people with special needs to the periphery of society. People with special needs and their families are often made to feel inferior, ashamed and unwanted.

Through these honest and revealing exposés, I hope to open your hearts and change your minds about those who are often banished to the fringes of society.

-- CHOO Kah Ying

All Because of the Hummingbird or the Horse

Story by Choo Kah Ying; Illustrated by Ing Yong Chien

(self-published, 2006, 18pp)

(USD 6.99, PDF format)

Get a glimpse into the mind and life of an eight-year-old autistic boy through this heartwarming picture book that depicts his struggles and courage in overcoming his fear of animals. This book offers invaluable insights into some of the difficulties he experiences. By targeting this book at primary school children (aged 7 to 12), I hope to inspire the next generation to be compassionate towards others, including those with autism.

I would like to organise a book reading tour for this book at kindergartens and primary schools. For a payment of *S$250.00, I will give a 90-minute visual and interactive talk on autism (customised to the age group of the students) for the students, the staff and parents, and give away five copies. This talk could coincide with your book week or character development programmes/activities.

*Costs differ for schools not in Singapore.

Raising Sebastien: Realising Your Autistic Child's Potential

by Choo Kah Ying

(Marshall Cavendish, 2006, SD$16.00 + mailing costs)

A celebration of life, Raising Sebastien is a training manual with a heart. It aims to empower parents with the skills to cultivate and promote their autistic child's growth and development. With firsthand experience of raising an autistic child, author Choo Kah Ying understands the challenges involved. She encourages parents to view these children not as individuals with disabilities, but rather, unique individuals with strengths and special talents that parents should strive to cultivate and promote.

The book contains two sections:-

  1. In the first section, Choo chronicles her observations on her journey in raising Sebastien, her son. These thoughts would later contribute to the development of Choo's training procedures.
  2. In the second section, Choo provides practical strategies and approaches for raising and educating the autistic child. She teaches parents how to design a customised learning programme for their child, deal with their child's socially inappropriate behaviours in public, achieve objectivity by using alternative healing approaches, and negotiate with professionals and government agencies on the management of their child.

This book will challenge parents of autistic children to re-examine their beliefs and attitudes towards these children as they try to help them achieve their fullest potential.

Five Little White Pills... And Then There Were None: A Journey from Manic Depression to Recovery

by Choo Kah Ying

(Armour Publishing, 2009, SD$16.00 + mailing costs)

Choo Kah Ying's journey from manic depression to recovery is more than just a story of overcoming mental illness. Emerging from the 'roller-coaster' ups and downs of depression and mania, she finds redemption in her love for her autistic son, which initiated her on a journey of healing and recovery.

This real-life, coming-of-age story illuminates the resilience of the human spirit that turns adversity and pain into lessons of love and courage, Five Little White Pills challenges us to tap into our infinite capacity to accomplish things of heroic proportions. It also provides holistic and integrated strategies and tips for individuals and caregivers coping with the journey of manic depression.

Words, Pictures, Story! (WPS!) Books for Kids

To initiate young children into the wonderful world of writing

Awakening Minds’ Words, Pictures, Story! (WPS!) Story Template and accompanying Workbook featuring the story, Dog Saved the Day!, contain fun and interactive types of scaffolding including “hangman” missing letter prompts, images that can be colo(u)red, clue/instructional words, and step-by-step guidance to help learners to complete the story and the related learning tasks. This approach is a wonderful and relaxing way for caregivers and educators to initiate young learners (age 6 and above) and older learners with moderate learning difficulties into the world of writing and literacy.

The story template, Dog Saved the Day!, is about a dog who helps his owner to locate a lost boy at the beach. It is designed to transform the writing process into a fun, creative, and guided learning experience.

Dog Saved the Day!
The First WPS! Story Template
(18pp, USD 6.99, pdf format)

by Choo Kah Ying



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To reinforce learning, the story template is accompanied by a workbook featuring the following learning activities: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Creative Project.

Dog Saved the Day!
The First WPS! Workbook
(15pp, USD 5.99, pdf file)

by Choo Kah Ying


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To learn more about the Story Template and Workbook, please click here to download a FREE copy of All About Awakening Minds’ Words, Pictures, Story! Story Template & Workbook.

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AWAKENING MINDS’ Fun and Interactive
Sentence and Story Templates
Literacy Levels 1–4

Awakening Minds’ Sentence and Story Templates are inspired by my core belief that MOST learners including those with significant learning difficulties can be motivated to learn with engaging and interactive learning templates.

Hence, each of these Do-it-Yourself (DIY — Level 1) and Ready-to-Use (RTU — Levels 2 to 4) templates contains the following elements:

  • THEME or STORY to offer a meaningful and relevant context that can interest learners;
  • Various types of SCAFFOLDING such as “hangman” word prompts and images that can be cut out/colo(ur)ed to facilitate teaching and learning, as well as offer task diversity to break the monotony of writing; and
  • Detailed INSTRUCTIONS for adult users (caregivers/educators) on how to design (needed for Level 1 only) and carry out the learning activities with learners, using the templates.

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