In my idealised conception of A Mother’s Wish Community (AMW), supervised groups of six participants, all across the island, will be travelling by public transport to participate in AMW-subsidised activities. These activities will be run by caregivers in their homes or professionals in their facilities, in various neighbourhoods (see figure below).


Uniqueness of AMW Community

AMW seeks to address the gaps in the special needs landscape with a unique concept that encompasses the following attributes:

Long-term Funding

It is my hope that, through our initiative and actions, we would motivate the government and other institutions to provide us with the financing and support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the AMW community.

A Mother’s Wish is a Journey…

We are NOT a service provider, NOT a school, and NOT an institution.

We are a COMMUNITY — a large family sharing in the responsibility of raising special children and teens!

Caregiving in a group makes the journey of raising our special children far less lonely! Caregivers should not have to do it alone…

The spirit of collectivity (group caregiving) and advocacy (fighting for quality services) lies at the heart of “A Mother’s Wish”. We hope to cultivate this spirit in families with moderately to severely autistic individuals through our messages and subsidised holiday programmes.

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