Dec 16–20th, 2013

Watch a cool video of our holiday programme here. Scroll down for a day-by-day summary and photos!


It was a tough first day: reading and writing activity is a much-dreaded task for most end-users, even though they got to write about themselves and their favourite foods. The activity also comprised cutting, gluing, and colouring to break the monotony and provide scaffolding for the writing component.

Sebastien, my son, added to the drama when I had to coax him to enter our home, instead of stomping in protest, along the corridor just outside our flat. He was letting me know how tough it was for us to play host for three days of the holiday programme activities in our home. But he did recover to get back on-track with the rest of us.

After ekeing through their writing worksheets, the spirits of all end-users rallied at the sight of salsa chips. End-users were "motivated" to verbalise their requests for chips and listened to how many they could ask for by listening to the others. Why ask for one when you can have four?


Ching, our art teacher, was "gobsmacked" by the uniqueness of each of the collage Christmas cards created by our end-users. After tracing the outlines of Christmas trees, snowman, or Christmas decoration she had provided, the end-users tore up coloured paper and decorated these images with the torn coloured paper and shiny stickers! Then they got down on their hands and knees to outline their hands and feet to make a reindeer!


At Coach Sandy's Aspiring Goals gym full of training tools he constructed, our end-users gamely dragged tires with a harness, pulled weights with a pulley, swung on a rope like "Tarzan", and flapped a heavy rope. However, the all-time favourite of all end-users was a ride on the rope swing suspended from a high ceiling. It was a day characterised by much wild cheering, as each of our end-users took on movements they had never tried before.


Ms. Kandy's pizza making class presented a lesson in delayed gratification, as the end-users had to patiently go through the steps of making a pizza before they could eat one!

Every end-user had to overcome their sensory aversion to dip their hands into messy and sticky dough, rolled out their dough with rolling pins, and concoct their own pizzas with their preferred toppings. Each of the pizzas the end-users made was distinctive: there were “explosive” pizzas heaped with toppings of various kinds, a neatly arranged pizza, and the purist pepperoni pizza. 

More patience was needed as two ovens went into full blast to churn out these personal pizzas. In the meantime, the end-users completed their review worksheet for the day, cutting and gluing images and phrases depicting their pizza-making process. But it was worth the wait, as each was presented with their personal pizzas. 


At My Musical Chamber, it was hard not to be enthralled by Ms Carol's guidance of all the end-users in a delightful group performance of "Jingle Bells". All end-users eagerly played their part in producing the musical notes with their handbells. Apart from making music, the end-users got to create simple props and engage in movement-oriented activities — all to the sounds of music. Since music is a beloved activity of all our end-users, this activity offered a fabulous finale to our holiday programme.